Vivian Charlesworth | Info
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Vivian Charlesworth is a multi-media artist and adjunct faculty member in the Visual Arts Department at Brown University and in the Film, Animation, Video Department at the Rhode Island School of Design. Vivian received her BA in Fine Art and Literature from Sarah Lawrence College, and her MFA in Digital+Media from the Rhode Island School of Design.


Charlesworth’s objects and immersive environments create a space for physical interplay between the viewer and the artwork. Each piece fosters a sensation of stepping into the middle of a story. In her research-based practice, she critically analyzes material from literature, history, science, philosophy and more. Charlesworth deconstructs this source material into its opposing parts, and then visually reconstruct them to create new meanings and associations. ¬†She uses media in the form of video, audio, electronics and projection.


Charlesworth grew up on photographic and movie sets, and has a deep love of artificiality and extreme color. Her elaborate visuals draw upon cinematic and theatrical traditions, as well as early memories of immersion in surreal environments. Charlesworth’s artwork cultivates a space where imagination is the key player, and attempts to lead the viewer away from the familiar, so together both artist and audience become explorers of the uncharted.