Vivian Charlesworth | Repository
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Repository is a performance and an immersive space installed at Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina.  This piece was a collaboration between Vivian Charlesworth and Edek Sher.
At the center of Repository is a safe-deposit box located at a local bank.  The safe-deposit box contains dust collected from Elsewhere Museum’s Ribbon Room. At Elsewhere everything is saved until it has been worn down to dust—by time, by use, by neglect. Dust is an essential material in Elsewhere, it is both valuable and value-less, yet it is the only part of Elsewhere’s collection that is allowed to leave the museum.  In Repository, the powdered remains of past ribbons, before being thrown out, have been syphoned off and protected indefinitely. In a videoed performance, Sher and Charlesworth ritualistically transfer the dust to a safe-deposit box at a local bank.  The documentation of this performance lives in the constructed vault located in Elsewhere’s Ribbon Room. The immersive depository is a theatrical and virtual space for visitors to visit and pay homage to the dust.


Installation, 2017

Wood, 1960's Metal Cabinetry, Ribbons, Mirror, Video, Safe-Deposit Box