Vivian Charlesworth | Teeth Cake Theatre
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Teeth Cake Theatre

Collaboration between Vivian Charlesworth & Bec Conrad

Teeth Cake Theatre explores a world inhabited by both man and robot.  The miniature theater within the real-sized theater environment displays a mechanized version of the two characters.  The world of the box, with its visuals, lighting and sound effects aim to convey a sense of their footprint.  The audio clips of an organ grinder, creaking door, dog chewing, humming, cardboard machine, triangle, hammering, mortar and pestle and bells provide a sense of space and action, while the lighting cues the viewer into each space while also setting the mood.

The piece is an examination of the relationship between human and machine as well as the relationship between creator and creation.  By creating a mechanical device that was manufactured by artists, and embedding a narrative of creator and creation within, we aimed to draw attention to this duality.  In doing so, it was important to us to create a feeling of a world that is somewhat dark and foreboding, but also maintains a comedic / theatrical feel.  We were inspired by the uncanny valley, and tried to create a place that felt almost real.  Nevertheless, it is in this “failure” to make it 100% realistic that the tension in the piece results, and accomplishes our goals.

Mechanical Theatre, 2014

Vintage Trunk, Arduino, 3D Printed Objects, LED's, Programming.