Vivian Charlesworth | Tyger, Tyger
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Tyger, Tyger

Upon entering Tyger, Tyger, the viewer is met with a television depicting rocket engine tests from the Apollo mission. Alarms ring and fire laden explosions roar from the mid-century television at the center of the room. Around the tented space, a voice sings William Blake’s poem “The Tyger” while another speaker whispers several poems depicting a sensuous and destructive internal narrative that parallels the themes present in Blake’s original poem. Both the rocket tests and the stained glass skylight of the tiger “burn bright” in the room, while also demonstrating forces of perfect beauty and perfect violence. The sounds around the space are completely immersive, and it is required that the viewer move and explore the room in order to experience all aspects of the soundscape.

Site Specific Installation, 2014

Video, Audio, Found and Constructed Objects